Biblical Thinking in Troubled Times

Biblical Thinking in Troubled Times – This is a short Bible study on the topic of thinking appropriately in troubled times. I’ll post the “answers” next week.

I’ve posted a printable version here.


  1. Commit yourself to thinking about what is _________

John 8:32

Phil 4:8


  1. God is in control of ________________, not just aware.


Daniel 4:31                 Ps 75:6-7                     Prov 21:1

Isa 45:1-7                    Is 7:17, 18                   Isaiah 40:15-17



Job 38:8-11                 Luke 8:25

Matt 10:29


  1. God works all things for

Our _________ – Romans 8:28


Rom 5:3                      James 1:2


His ___________

Isaiah 48:11                Psalm 46:10                Rev 11:13


According to His _________________


Dan 11:25-30              Romans 5:6                 Gal 1:15


  1. S_________ and the C___________ are behind much of what happens. After all, nature and the physical world have been cursed. Suffering is part of the consequence of sin.


Romans 8:18-22


But don’t try to connect specific events to specific sins:

John 9:2                      Ecc 9:1-3


Trials and tribulations cannot be avoided.  John 16:33


  1. What to do and not do.

Maintain watchfulness while avoiding “last days” mentality

1 John 2:18                 Rom 13:11                  2 Peter 3:4 ff


Avoid Cynicism – The view that everything is negative and will have a bad outcome or that God is out to get you and make things bad.


Avoid Fatalism – The belief that all events are predetermined and unalterable



For leaders -1 Timothy 2:1, 2

Confess our corporate sins – Daniel 9


Meditate on the Word – Example: Psalm 33

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